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Primary Care

Our commitment to hope, healing, and a path to successful recovery.

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One of the main amenities that sets HNH Fitness apart from other gyms is its medically-based structure. Exercising at HNH Fitness is not just about dropping pounds or losing inches. It's about being as healthy as you can, and we know that incorporating a physician into your wellness plan will bring you optimum results.

In that effort, HNH Fitness provides an Internal Medicine Practice through Holy Name Physicians. Our mission is to provide exceptional primary care services while creating a support structure to enhance your health. Our physicians will help you incorporate a healthy diet, regular exercise and restful sleep, the cornerstones of effective preventive medicine, into your lifestyle.

At HNH Fitness, we offer a unique blend of medical services, exercise programming designed by experts in the field of wellness and human performance, and coordination with dieticians and sleep specialists to help you maximize your overall health. Working with you, we can help enhance how you feel and think about healthcare.

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